Abigail Marshall King Buried – First Known Burial in Sand Hill Cemetery – August 25, 1834

On August 25, 1834, Abigail Marshall King, wife of William King, was the first recorded burial in the Sand Hill Cemetery.

In April 1841, the Union Interring Society was formed for the purpose of establishing a cemetery.  The cemetery is located on the west side of Sand Hill Road between Bordman and Hough Roads.  It was initially called the Union Interring Cemetery but is today referred to as the Sand Hill Cemetery.

Abigail Marshall King’s burial on August 25, 1834 is the earliest recorded burial at the cemetery’s site.

Abigail’s husband, William King, purchased property in Section 20 of Almont Township on June 11, 1834.  Section 20 is bounded by General Squire on the south, Tubsprings on the north and between Shoemaker Road and Sand Hill Road.  The homestead was on General Squire, about halfway between Shoemaker and Hill.  Abigail died about ten weeks after coming to Almont.  

Where Abigail and William were born is not currently known.  Their oldest child was born in Genesee County, New York but it is not known if that is where they were living before coming to Almont.

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