Anna Deneen Walker Patten

James Deneen was the first settler in what would become Almont Township in Lapeer County.  He was born on July 26, 1794 in Bedford, Pennsylvania.  He married Elizabeth “Betsey” Miller on November 5, 1816 in Newton, Ohio.  Elizabeth was born on July 9, 1793 in York Pennsylvania.  They came from Ohio and purchased property in section 9, which is located on Van Dyke between Dryden Road and Hollow Corners Road.  The old frame farmhouse still stands today at 3671 Van Dyke. James established his farm in the fall of 1828.  His wife, Elizabeth Miller Deneen was pregnant when they came to Almont.  Daughter Anna, the sixth of seven children, was born on March 15, 1829.  The family was the only family in Lapeer County through 1829 and well into 1830 before anyone else came and settled.

Anna grew up on the farm and was a witness to the growth and formation of the village of Almont, the township of Almont and the County of Lapeer. 

On April 21, 1850 she married Charles Augustus Walker in Almont.  Charles was born June 22, 1829 in Springfield, New Brunswick, Canada.  His family moved to Almont in 1849. 

After their marriage, they resided in Imlay City for about a year before moving back to the farm.  It was at this time that James Deneen left his entire family for the gold fields in California where he died in January 1851 and is buried in Sacramento.  Anna inherited the original homestead farm. 

Anna and Charles would have eight children, four boys and four girls.Anna’s husband, Charles Augustus Walker, died on August 28, 1870 in Otsego, Michigan.  He was there being treated for an illness but unfortunately died.  Anna was pregnant with Augusta when he died.

Anna’ second marriage was to Charles Patten in Almont on May 22, 1887.

In 1909 when Almont had its first Homecoming celebration, Anna rode in the “Pioneer Parade Buggy” along with the Native American Indian, “Tipsico”.

Anna lived for nearly 41 years after Charles’ death and died on March 16, 1911.  She and Charles Augustus are buried in the Webster Cemetery on Webster road.

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