Book Submission and Sales

I completed the book Sunday. November 22th.  The next day I tried to upload the book’s text to the publisher’s website but couldn’t get it in the correct format.  I contacted the company for help but because of COVID-19 their support service was being done only by email, which was not effective or efficient.  It took until the 29th to get the text in the correct format.

On the 30th, I tried uploading the cover and again had problems.  Being frustrated and wanting to get the book ordered, I altered the cover to the simple version that you have seen.  I think this was a good move.

On December 2nd, I ordered the book and paid for expedited shipping which should have gotten the book here between the 11th and 13th.  On the 11th I checked the status of the order and was shocked to find the expected shipment date was the 22th.  I email the publisher and waited for an answer but didn’t get a reply until the 14th, which just said they would look into it.  I again checked the shipping status and it was now the 24th.  Over the course of the week of the 14th, multiple emails accomplished nothing.  Finally on the 21st, I was informed that the books would ship that day or the next and that we would be reimbursed for the expedited shipping.

On the 23rd, Cindie checked the status of the shipment and found that it was in Flint.  The next morning, she checked and found that the books were out for delivery.  I told Cindie that they would probably show up while I was in the shower and they did.  We took the books to the museum.

Assuming that the books would be here the 13th, I scheduled to be in the museum to sell the book or take orders starting on Saturday, December 19 until Thursday, December 24.  On the 19th I had about a half of dozen people come to the museum.  Some bought the book and others filled out order forms.  I had at least one person come in Sunday through Wednesday.

One of the people who bought the book was a young man.  His father posted on Facebook that I was at the museum taking orders and a couple of more people came in.  On Thursday, the 24th, when the book arrived, I called the people who had purchased and ordered books.  The first one to come in to get his book was the father of the young man.  After he left, he again posted on Facebook that the books were in.  Traci Pewinski came in and got her books.  While she was there, a man came in and bought six books (a book full).

About a half an hour later, he came in and bought 10 more.  He bought the first six for himself and his siblings.  When he got home, his wife asked where the ones were for her siblings and their children. 

I got an email from Gene Lane ordering two books. one for himself and one for Ann Rinderknecht.  He also wanted the 2015 and 2010 books.  After receiving these books, he ordered eight more.

Everyone who ordered has gotten their books. 

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