Charles B. Keeler Appointed Postmaster – January 8, 1838

Charles B. Keeler was appointed the postmaster of the Village of Newburg and the Township of Bristol on December 8, 1838.

In 1836, Mr. Keeler constructed a log cabin store on the southeast corner of St. Clair and Main Streets for the purpose of opening a general store with dry goods and groceries.  Almont’s earliest pioneers referred to the store as the “Old Newburg Store.”  Once the store was opened, the post office was moved from Dr. Caleb Carpenter’s office to Mr. Keeler’s store.

On May 27, 1837, William H. King was appointed postmaster to replace Dr. Carpenter, which allowed Dr. Carpenter to concentrate on his medical practice.

Mr. Keeler was the next appointed to be postmaster.  He was replaced by Ezra Hazen on October 21, 1839.

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