“Dr. Caleb Carpenter Appointed First Postmaster” – January 20, 1835

On January 20, 1835 the U. S. Post Office for the Township of Bristol (now Almont) was established in Dr. Caleb Carpenter’s office.  Dr. Carpenter was appointed the first postmaster on January 29, 1835.

Dr. Caleb Carpenter settled in what would become the Village of Newburg (Almont) in the Township of Mia (then Bristol and now Almont) in 1834.  He was the first doctor to settle in the Village.

About once a week (weather and road conditions permitting), Dr. Carpenter would travel to Royal Oak on Horseback.  He would bring back the mail for the Township.  People could pick up their mail at his office or he would deliver it while making his travels to the sick or injured.  The lack of a regular schedule was not a problem since most people were just glad to get their mail without having to go to Royal Oak themselves.  At that time, the mail cost about 20 cents a letter and the recipient was the one who paid the postage.

In 1836, Dr. Carpenter moved the post office to Charles B. Keeler’s store on the southeast corner of St. Clair and Main Streets.  This was made to allow people to get their mail while Dr. Carpenter was out making his rounds.

On December 8, 1837, William H. King was appointed postmaster, so Dr. Carpenter could concentrate on his medical practice.

About 18 months later, Mr. Keeler was appointed postmaster on December 8, 1838.

Mr. Keeler was followed by Ezra Hazen on October 21, 1839 and James H. Andrus on August 26, 1844.  It was Mr. Andrus who insisted on getting the Village’s name (Newburg) and the Township’s name (Bristol) changed to Almont.

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