First Meeting of the Junior Women’s Literary Club – November 3, 1935

On Sunday , November 3, 1935, the first meeting of the Junior Women’s Literary Club was held at the Henry Stephens library.

The Charter members of the Junior Women’s Literary Club were Mary E. Bailey, Kathryn Burley, Vaun Campbelle, Dorothy Hough, Marian Laman, Eva Paton, Mabel Smith, and Alice E. Taylor.

The club first meeting was on November 3, 1935 at the Henry Stephens Library.  Mrs. Ina Kidder and Mrs. Eunice Hamilton were the club’s original sponsors.

The objective of the club was “to unite its members in the study along any line selected by the members.”  On May 6, 1936, the club adopted its Constitution.

The club’s name was changed to the Almont Literary Club on September 20, 1939.

The club has raised and given donations to many civic organizations; including but not limited to the Almont Red Cross chapter, Community Hospital, Crippled Children’s Fund, Seeing Eye Dogs, Youth for Understanding, Homecoming committees, Ronald McDonald House, Almont Community Park Board, and the Almont Community Schools.

Over the years, the lines of study have included such topics as: Arts, Crafts, Genealogy, local schools, local history, Colonial history, Michigan history, First Aid, Great Lakes Recipes, Planets, Antiques, Customs, Dolls, Spices, Philosophy, poetry, Book, Safety, photography, and travel to foreign countries. 

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