Hildamae Waltz Bowman

On June 20, 1913, Hildamae Waltz was born in Capac, Michigan to Charles Thomas Waltz (1883-1963) and Edith S. Foe Waltz (1889-1985).  She was an only child.

Her ancestors immigrated from Germany.  Her great grandfather John B. Waltz (1826-1914) was born in Wurttemburg, Germany and came to Michigan about 1847.  The Foe family arrived in 1868.

She married Donald Dexter Bowman (1913-2003) on May 27, 1938 in Dryden, Michigan and they had two children.

In 1955, for the Almont Community Homecoming celebration, Hildamae’s mother, Edith, researched and wrote a history of Almont for the Almont Times-Herald. 

Hildamae wrote the first four books in the series of books written for Almont’s Homecoming celebrations.  For the 1970 Almont Community Homecoming she wrote, “The History of Almont – 1834 – 1970”.  Her book, “Almont …the way it was” was done for the Bicentennial, 1976 Almont Community Homecoming.  In 1985 she published “Almont, A Tale of Then and Now”.  These books required a tremendous amount of research and effort.  She completed her fourth book, “The History of the First Congregational Church – 1838-1988” for the 1990 Homecoming celebration. 

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