Jean Hunter Hopkin died – August 16, 1866

On August 16, 1866, Jean Hunter Hopkin died.  She and husband John bought property on June 29, 1833 in Section 35 of Almont Township.  The property was on the south side of Hough Road and west of Scotch Settlement.  The Hopkins and Robertsons were the first Scottish immigrants to come directly from Scotland to Almont.    

On June 29, 1833, John Hopkin and William Robertson each purchased an 80-acre property in Section 35 of Almont Township.  The Hopkin property was off of Hough Road and the Robertson property was on Bordman Road.  They had a common boundary in the middle of the Section.

John Hopkin was born May 4, 1797 in Galston, East Ayrshire, Scotland, the son of James Hopkin (1765-1799) and Helen Morton (1771-1805).  His father died when he was two and his mother when he was eight.  Who raised him is not known.  On June 1, 1823, he married Jean Hunter, the daughter of John “Hugh” Hunter (1770- ) and Ann Wallace (1778- ).  Jean was born on March 27, 1802 in Ayrshire, Scotland.

John and Jean would have three children before coming to Almont.  Annie was born in 1824, James was born on July 28, 1827 and Helen on July 19, 1829, all in Galston, East Ayrshire, Scotland.

After arriving in Almont, John and Jean would have four more children: Janet born May 26, 1834, Mary born in 1837, Annie Hunter on October 21, 1842 and John Jr. on December 11, 1844.  Eldest daughter, Annie, died in 1841.  To honor Annie, they named their next daughter, Annie Hunter.

John died on April 17, 1885 in Almont and Jean died on August 16, 1866, also in Almont.

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