“Jedediah Hough Purchases Property” – March 22, 1834

On March 22, 1934, Jedediah Hough purchased property in Section 29, north of Hough Road and west of Shoemaker Road.

Jedediah Hough was born on February 11, 1792 in Bozrah, Connecticut to Ebenezer Hough and Bernice Hough (maiden name) Hough. 

On March 22, 1834 he purchased property in Section 29 of newly named “Mia” township.  His property was located north of Hough Road and west of Shoemaker Road.

In 1834, Jedcdiah and two brothers (Ebenezer and Witherell) were joined by three cousins.  Cousins Walter King Hough and Edward Hyde Hough were the sons of Jabez Hough II.  Cousin John Bailey Hough was the son of Guy Hough.  Because most of their properties were located along it, Hough Road was named for the family.

Within a few years, four more Hough families would move to Almont.  Two of Jedediah’s sisters moved with their families to Almont.  Jemima and her husband, Uraih Cardwell, came with their children.  Sister Phebe and her two daughters came later after Phebe’s husband, Jonathan Hilliard, who had died.  Two of Walter King and Edward Hyde’s brothers also came.  Joseph and wife, Lavinia Phelps Wightman came in about 1836 and are founders of the Baptist Church in Almont.  Brother, Urban came with a wife and two children but specific on his family are not currently known.

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