Philip Smith Purchases Property – January 20, 1835

On January 20, 1835, Philip Smith purchased property in Section 31 of Almont Township.

Philip Smith was born on January 22, 1815 in Galen, Wayne County, New York to Nathaniel Clark Smith (1788-1855) and Ruth Pettis Smith (1789-1852). 

His parents moved to Palmyra, New York when Philip was four years old.  While in Palmyra, Philip attended a one-room school.  One of his schoolmates was Joseph Smith, the founder and apostle of the Mormon faith.

In May 1833, his parents moved to Bruce Township in Macomb County, Michigan.  On February 14, 1834, Nathaniel purchased property in Section 32 of what would be shortly called “Mia” Township – Almont.  Son Philip was at the organizational meeting for the township of “Mia” on March 7, 1834.

On January 20, 1835, Philip purchased property from the government in Section 31 of Almont Township.

He married Laura “Lura” Ferguson on November 7, 1839 in Addison Township, Oakland County.  Laura’s father, Stephen had moved to Addison Township from Galen, Wayne, New York in the 1830’s.  It is probable that Nathaniel and Stephen knew each other in Galen.  It is possible that Philip and Laura knew each other as youngsters. 

Philip’s son, George first married Lina Mills on November 18, 1873 in Romeo, Macomb, Michigan but she died young on August 15, 1878 in Almont.  They had no children.  His second marriage was to Christina Cochrane on November 20, 1879 in Almont.  Christina was the daughter of William Cochrane (1819-1912) who was born in Scotland and came to Almont in 1841 with his father and family.  The Cochrane’s settled east of Almont, which is indicated today by the roads named after the family – Cochrane roads.  This was a double wedding.  Christina’s sister, Jennie G. Cochrane (1858-1901), married Edwin Fremont King (1856-1946).

George’s sister, Mary Jane married Christina’s brother, David Cochrane on August 7, 1878 in Almont.  Philip’s son James married Mary Gordon and they had four children.  Mary then died.  After Mary’s death, he married Mary Spangler.

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