Scotch Settlement Cemetery Organized – December 22, 1946

On December 22, 1846, the Scotch Settlement Cemetery was organized as part of the United Presbyterian Church.

David Taylor, James Thomson, William Robertson, and John Hopkin settled in the area now known as the “Scotch Settlement” in 1833.  David Taylor was actually in Bruce Township on the south side of Bordman Road.  James Thomson and William Robertson resided on the north side of Bordman Road and John Hopkin on the south side of Hough Road.  Prior to their arrival, a number of Scots settled in Bruce Township, Armada Township, and Berlin Township.

William Robertson and John Hopkin were the first Scots to come directly from Scotland to Almont.  James Thomson came up with the name “Almont” and donated the clock to the Village.  His will provided sufficient funds to Harper Hospital construct a new building and keep the hospital in operation.

On December 22, 1946, the Scotch Settlement Cemetery was organized.  It is located on the west side of Scotch Settlement Road between Hough and Bordman Roads.  The United Presbyterian Church was later constructed to the north of the cemetery.  After World War II, the church building was moved.

The cemetery has the graves of many of the earliest settlers in the “Scotch Settlement” area and is still active today.

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