“Almont Times” and “Almont Herald” Consolidate becoming “Almont Times-Herald” – November 25, 1944

On November 25, 1944, Frank Smrcina purchased the “Almont Times” and combined it with his paper the “Almont Herald” thus creating the “Almont Times-Herald.”

The “Almont Herald” was started in January 1875 by A. H. Patterson.  It went through several owners before Stuart Vanderven purchased the paper in 1940.

In 1938 Frank Snrcina started the “Almont Times”.  His business was in the building next door to the “Almont Herald.”

On May 10, 1941 a fire started in the apartment of E. G. Kinch, who was living above the Ross Lawrence filling station and garage located at the corner of Van Dyke and School Street. The fire is thought to have started about 6 p.m. from an old oil burner in Kinch’s apartment.

The fire rapidly moved southward and destroyed the buildings of both local newspapers, destroying the archives of both papers.

Beginning the next week, Mr. Vanderven had the “Herald” printed by the “Imlay City Times”.

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