Bowman’s Drug Store Opens – Jun 12, 1883

On June 12, 1883, the Bowman Drug Store opened for business.  It would be operated under three generations of Bowman’s and would close on November 29, 1972.

Established June 12, 1883 when Henry Dexter Bowman and his brother-in-law, Charles R. Ferguson, purchased the existing business of A. E. Fatin & Son.

Upon graduation from college in 1909, Henry’s son, Harry, bought out his uncle and the firm was known as H. D. Bowman & Son.

Henry Dexter Bowman would die on January 4, 1926 and the firm became known as Bowman’s Drug Store.  Shortly after taking over sole ownership of the business, Harry install a soda fountain along the north wall of the store including a few round tables and curved back, metal chairs.  The tables and chairs were later replaced by booths like the one displayed here.  It was a popular place for the high school students.

In 1949, upon graduation, Harry’s son, Robert joined the business.  Bob, also known as “Pudgy Pillroller” and “Curly”, inherited the business when his father died in 1952.  He would operate the business until November 29, 1972 when he sold the business to James Henderson.

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