Chamberlain, Taggart, Ingalls Purchase Land – October 30, 1830

On October 30, 1830, Ephraim Chamberlain, Benjamin Taggart, and David Ingalls purchased property in Almont Township.

On October 30th, 1839, three parcels were sold in Almont Township.  Ephraim Chamberlain bought a parcel in Section 5 (exact location not known at this time), Benjamin Taggart bought land in Section 32 (north side of Bordman Road west of Van Dyke), and David Ingalls bought land in Section 33 (on east side of Van Dyke between Hough and Bordman).  But no one came immediately to create a new homestead.  Ephraim Chamberlain was from Berkshire County, Massachusetts but no further information about him is attainable.  Section 5 had several sites suitable for the construction of mills and his purchase may have been for strictly speculative reasons.  Benjamin Taggart and David Ingalls both came from Genesee County, New York and would return to build in 1831.

David Ingalls property is the location of the “stone house” south of town and was in the family until 2018 – 188 years.

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