Teenage Chatter by Betsey

Beginning in July 1940 and running through January 1942, Betsey Shoemaker (class of 1940) wrote a gossip column for the Almont Herald.  There may have been additional contributions after the end of World War II but only one was found.  Today, you wouldn’t find these in the paper but probably on Facebook.

Below are selected excerpts’ from “Teenage Chatter”.

July 26, 1940 – How did Paul Bishop hurt his toe?  It was rumored around town that a unknown girl shut the door in Paul’s face but caught his toe!

August 16, 1940 – Mickie Cheff was seen at the show Wednesday, with Neal Brooks.  While the cats away the mice will play.  But the cat came home a day early.

August 23, 1940 – The minute Bob leaves town a Packard drives up front of the H. F. Bowman house!  Well, anyway Joan and Ford thought the show was swell.

September 20, 1940 – If you hear a noise that sounds like a Hitler Blitzkreig, don’t be alarmed.  It’s only “Norm” Hamilton and his Model T pickup!  The jalopy is not only a thing of beauty, but he’s putting it to service by hauling junk for the neighbors.   Friday night Joan went to the School Mixer with Ford. . . on Saturday to a party with Ed. . .  and Sunday might she was with both of them!

November 8, 1940 – Flash!  Flash!  Romance of the week – Dan Cupid has shot his golden arrow into the heart of Jane Hoyt.  She wanders about in a daze – blame it on Carl Kandler.

November 15, 1940 – We are wondering where the lipstick, that was on Jack Bishop’s collar came from!  Which girl is it now?

December 24, 1940 – The on again, off again, gone again romance of Carolyn and Ford is gone again.  But Bob Burton and Dick Hoyt lost no time in getting in the good graces of Carolyn.

December 31, 1940 – Carl Kandler spent a few days in Detroit this week – that might account for Jane Hoyt and Bob Shoemaker going to the show Friday night.

January 31, 1941 – Wanted: Ann Chevrie and Jane Hoyt but not the same night – Bob Shoemaker

March 21, 1941 – Wanted: A steady girlfriend for Billy Bristol.

June 27, 1941 – Yes, its happened – Dick has taken another girl to the show – “twas Norma Creed last Saturday night.!

July 4, 1941 – Apologies to all concerned – It is Nadine rather than Norma, who is Dick Hoyt’s new heart beat.  We hear they are going “steady” now.

August 29, 1941 – Joan must have liked “Life Begins for Andy hardy!”  She went to Imlay to see it Friday night with Ford and Saturday with Ed.

September 26, 1941 – Morris Bannister is showing signs of being just as strong for the “women” as his big brother, “Buster”.

October 17,1941 – Where was Dick when Nadine was seen with Neal??

November 21, 1941 – Bob Wendt found it rather embarrassing Friday night after play practice! Joan and Bob went to the show and who should be sitting right next to him but his date to the J-Hop, Carolyn Kidder.

December 26, 1941 – It wouldn’t seem like Christmas if Bob Bowman didn’t have his “mistle-toe” hung in the most convenient place. January 23, 1942 – Erma Bartles and Walt Dombrowski were holding hands Thursday.  That’s all right Erma there will be a lot of us robbing the cradle with the boys all joining the army.

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