Henry Hulbert – Photographer

Township, St. Clair, Michigan to Asa Hamilton Hulbert (1804-1888) and Mariett Standish Hulbert (1810-1881).  It is unlikely that the “Hamilton” middle name for Asa indicates any connection to the Hamiltons who came from Scotland to Berlin Township in the 1840s.

Asa was a farmer.  His farm was in Section 29 on the north side of Hough Road about a mile and a half from the county line with Lapeer County.

Henry was the seventh of eight children – six boys and two girls.  As a boy, he worked on the farm.  As a young man in the 1870s, he learned the trade of a photographer and established a studio in Berlin Township (exact location is not known).  He operated the photo studio from Berlin Township until 1883 when he moved the business to Armada, Michigan.

Once established in Armada, he married Minnie L. Walton on September 17, 1885 in Richmond.  They did not have any children.  Minnie was born in March of 1863 in Richmond, Macomb, Michigan to William Dexter Walton (1832-1880) and Lucretia Ogden Walton (1839-1903).

The Robertson’s, Braidwood’s, Millikin’s, and Cochrane’s are known to have used his services.

Henry died on June 27, 1908 in Armada and was buried in the Willow Grove Cemetery in Armada.  After his death, Minnie operated the photography studio through at least 1910.  By 1920, Minnie was operating a boardinghouse in Grand Rapids.  When she died and were she is buried in not presently known.

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