Nathaniel Cark Smith Purchases Property

In 1833, Nathaniel purchased land in Bruce Township, Macomb County, Michigan and moved the family there.  Son Edwin was born there in January 1834.  On February 14, 1834, Nathaniel purchased property in Section 32 of what would be shortly called “Mia” Township.  Son Philip attended the organizational meeting for the township of “Mia” on March 7, 1834.

Nathaniel would establish his homestead on the north side of Bordman Road about a quarter mile east of Sandhill Road and cleared it for farming.  In 1836, Nathaniel bought property in Section 33.  This property was about a quarter mile west of Van Dyke.  He moved his family there, cleared the land and established his farm.  Ruth died on March 15, 1852 and was buried in the Sandhill Cemetery.  Nathaniel remained on this property until 1853 when he moved to Section 28 with Nathaniel Jr.  It was here that Nathaniel died on January 16, 1855 in Almont, Lapeer, Michigan.  He was laid to rest in the Sandhill Cemetery.  Son John would take over operation of this farm.

Nathaniel’s children and grandchildren married into many of the pioneer families of Almont and the surrounding towns.

Nathaniel was the great-great grandfather of James P. Smith Jr., who spent over fifty years being the President of the Henry Stephens Library board.

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