John Eggleston Walden – The Beginnings – Coming to Almont

John Eggleston Walden was born June 27, 1796 in Bloomfield, Ontario County, New York.  He was the sixth child and first son of Nathan Walden Jr. and Mercy Eggleston Walden.

Nathan Walden Jr. was a Revolutionary War patriot, who was captured at age 14 at the Battle of Long Island.  Nathan married Mercy Eggleston in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  Nathan first settled in Sheffield and then moved to Ontario County, New York. 

John met and courted Lydia Graves Sleeper – Jonathan’s sister.  John and Lydia were married in May 1820 in Ontario County, New York – probably in Canandiaqua since that is where John was living.  They settled in Canandaiqua, Ontario, New York.

Their first child, Frederick Lafayette Walden was born in Canandiaqua.  Frederick was followed by Augustus Russell Walden, Eliza Mercy Walden Jerome Bonaparte Walden, George W. Walden, and Helen Amelia Walden – all born in Canandiaqua, New York. 

In 1826, Lydia’s father, Josiah Sleeper, step-mother, Anna, and half-brother David moved to Washington, Macomb County, Michigan.  Lydia’s brother Jonathan moved to Almont in 1830 and sister Sohpia, with husband, Elijah Sanborn, moved to Almont in 1831.

On July 9 1832, John Eggleston Walden purchased property in Section 34 (near the Sanborn’s).  After constructing a cabin and outbuildings, John moved Lydia and their six children to the farm.  At the time of the move, Lydia was pregnant with their seventh child.  John Wallace Walden was born in Almont on December 3, 1832.

Unfortunately, John Walden died on August 10, 1833, leaving Lydia with seven children and a farm to run.  John was the first white man to die in Almont Township.  He was buried in the Goodrich Cemetery on Kidder Road in Bruce Township, Macomb County. 

In 1835, but no later than 1836, Lydia Graves Sleeper Walden married Elijah Clark Bostick, MD.  They would have four children in the next four years – including a set of twins.  Gilbert A. Bostick and twin, Gilman Bostick, Francis Bostick, and Mary Lucinda Bostick. 

They would reside in Almont until Lydia’s death..  Elijah would die in Detroit.  Lydia and both her husbands were buried in the Goodrich Cemetery on Kidder Road in Bruce Township, Macomb County, Michigan.

John and Lydia’s daughter, Eliza Mercy married Samuel Price on December 19, 1844 in Lapeer, Michigan.  Her death date is unknown but Samuel died on May 29, 1891 and is buried in the East Berlin Cemetery in Allenton, Michigan.

John’s older sister, Frances, married Calvin S. Clark about 1809 in Canandaiqua, New York.  Frances and Calvin initially made their home in Canandiaqua, New York.  Frances Walden Clark died in Bath, Steuben, New York on March 14, 1832. 

Sometime in the mid-1830’s, Calvin moved with three of his sons (Alphonso, John and Chauncy) to Berlin Township, St. Clair County, Michigan.  Alphonso Clark married Emily Bannister in Bristol (Almont), Michigan.  Alphonso and Emily would have nine children born in Berlin, Almont and/or Dryden Townships.  John Croydon Clark married Elizabeth Retherford in Lapeer County.  John and Elizabeth had eight children born in Almont.  Chauncy Clark married Mary Ann Shoesmith in St. Clair County, Michigan.  They had only one known son. 

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