John H. “Jack” Lasslett

John H. “Jack” Lasslett was born on March 23, 1943 in Almont to John A. “Jack” Lasslett and Neva Belle Roach Lasslett.  He joined older sister, Janet Lasslett, and brother, Charles Blake Lasslett.

Jack, as he was called by his classmates and friends, began school in kindergarten in Almont along with thirty-three others in 1948.  When the Class of 1961 entered High School, Jack, who was an outstanding athlete, was an active participant in football and basketball. His junior year, he was on both the varsity football and basketball teams and his classmates elected him their vice-president.

Varsity Basketball Coach Richard Norton commented about Jack in the April 14, 1960 issue of the Almont Times-Herald, that he was “Very, very tough on the boards, and should carry the load for next year’s team in that department.”  Jack picked up 34 rebounds this season.  He hit 6 out of 12 free shots and 8 out of 21 from the floor.

Later that spring in May of 1960, Jack became seriously ill and was taken to University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor   He was diagnosed with a rare blood disease for which there was no known cure.  He passed away on July 22, 1960 and was laid to rest in the West Berlin Cemetery in Allenton.

The Senior Class of 1961 dedicated a plaque in his honor that hung in the hallway of the High School.  The Varsity Club dedicated a trophy, in Jack’s honor, to be awarded each year to the outstanding varsity football player.

The editor and staff of the 1961 edition of the Almonte included a “Memoriam” page about Jack that was the beginning of the listing of graduating seniors.

After their graduation ceremony, Jack’s classmates took the baskets of mums displayed at the ceremony out to the West Berlin Cemetery and placed them on Jack’s grave.

“Jack’s” Headstone – West Berlin Cemetery

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