L. O. Folsom Appointed First Fire Chief – April 28, 1885

On April 28, 1885, L. O. Folsom was appointed the first Chief Engineer of the Almont Hook and Ladder Fire Department.

A special meeting was held on October 28, 1882 by the Village Council for the purpose of considering the purchase of a fire engine.  J. W. Newkink representing C. G. Carleton and Company presented an offer to sell a first class crane-neck hand fire engine and 1,000 feet of hose, a cart, and ladder truck.  The cost was $2,800 with financing for three years with installments with 6% interest. 

Prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting, a petition supporting the purchase was circulated around town.  Thirty-seven citizens signed the petition.  The fire engine bonds were issued and sold to Mary N. Martin.

On September 25, 1883 – almost a year later – at a special meeting at the Harrington Hall, the “Almont Hook and Ladder Fire Department” was created.  To store the fire engine, a barn was rented from Mrs. Saviguy for $2.00 a month.

On October 16, 1883, the new fire engine was tested.  It was not working satisfactorily, so it was taken to the “Currier’s Agricultural Works” machine shop to be repaired.

Linden Orneldo Folsom was appointed the first “Chief Engineer” of the Almont Hook and Ladder Fire Department on April 28, 1885.  The Village Council apparently ran the department prior to Mr. Folsom’s appointment.

During this time the Village Council discussed ways to provide water throughout the central business district.

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