Midwest Meet of Champions – June 10, 1995

On June 10, 1995, Wendy Feldman and John Bacholzky represented the State of Michigan at the Midwest Meet of Champions in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Midwest Meet of Champions is a track meet between the best track performers from Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.  To be asked to attend this meet, an athlete must have one of the two fastest times or distances regardless of the school’s size.  In 1995, the meet was held in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, June 10, 1995 

Wendy Feldman’s 300-meter low hurdles time of 45.58 seconds was the second fastest time in the State of Michigan and qualified her for the Midwest Meet of Champions.

John Bacholzky’s 800-meter run time of one minute 58.17 seconds was also one of the two fastest times, so he also qualified for the Midwest Meet of Champions.

At the Midwest Meet of Champions, Wendy had the slowest qualifying time of the six competitors.  The 300-meter low hurdles race has a staggered start, so Wendy was in the outside lane – everyone else could see her but she couldn’t see anyone.  Wendy decided to go out as fast as she could and maintain it as long as she could.  She won the race with a time of 43.7 seconds, which cut 1.66 seconds off her personal best and set a school record.  This was the fifth fastest time in the history of the Midwest Meet of Champions.

Wendy also ran the lead leg on the Michigan 1600-meter relay.  Wendy lead off with a time of 58.2 seconds, which was the fastest of the four legs but the team finished third.

John Bacholzky finished 6th – last – in the 800-meter run with a time of one minute and 57.63 seconds.  Even though he finished last, he reduced his personal best time by 0.54 seconds and set a new school record.

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