George A. Kimery – Bronze Star Recipient

George A Kimery was born on August 19, 1915 in Illinois to Hubert Lewis Kimery (1885-1956) and Iva L. Haskett Kimery (1890-1984).  Before the start of World War II, he enlisted in the Army on January 27, 1941 in Detroit, Michigan.

Late in World War II during the week of February 4th to 11th, 1945, he was a Staff Sergeant of a unit in the 165th Engineer Combat Battalion operating near Ludweiler, Germany.  His unit was ordered to lay a mine field to protect the flank of other infantry troops.  Upon reviewing the mine field site, he found it to be a hilly open field.  The field was easily observed by the Germans and was in mortar range of the German lines.  Sergeant Kimery and his unit proceeded to start the installation of the mine field.  While laying the field, his unit came under repeated mortar fire.  Two of his men were killed and three received wounds. Sergeant Kimery without regard for his personal safety retrieved the bodies of his fallen comrades and assisted his wounded men from

the field and administered first aid to their wounds.  Sergeant Kimery then completed the installation of the mine field thus protecting the infantry’s flank. For his heroism, Staff Sergeant George A. Kimery was awarded a Bronze Star.

Bronze Star

The Bronze Star is the fourth-highest medal awarded to a service member for heroic and meritorious of deeds performed in an armed conflict.  It signifies the sacrifice, bravery, and honor while performing their service for their country. George married Elvera Kelly Kellems who was born October 15, 1913 in LaSalle, Illinois to LeRoy Elmer Kellems (1886-1946) and Carolyn Kellems (1884-1929).  She enlisted on December 29, 1942 in Chicago in the Woman’s Air Corp (WAC).  They had one son, Gary – Class of 1966 from Almont High School.  

George died on November 7, 1978 at Community Hospital south of Almont.  Elvera died January 22, 2004 in an assisted living facility in Yale.  They are buried in the Imlay Cemetery in Imlay City, Michigan.

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