MOMS of America, Inc. – “Mothers of Men in Service” – October 15, 1953

The Charter of the Almont Chapter of “Mothers of men in Service” (MOMS) was issued on October 15, 1953.  Almont was introduced to the MOMS organization by Mary Rider through Myrtle Greenman, Lillian Anderson, and Laura Graham.

Lillian F. Anderson was elected President and Gladys H. Kerr, Secretary.  Original members were:

Ida BrownLaura GrahamMable L. Lane
Maude BufkinMable GreenElizabeth Murphy
Linnie CrowellMyrtle GreenmanOlive Plumb
Ruth DrummondRuth GreenmanEmma Schocke
Ada FrostAnna HowarthMabel Walker
Velma GlassfordBessie Kresky 

The organization conducted money making activities such as the sale of dish cloths, Tag Day sales and bakeless bake sales.  The proceeds from these activities were sent to the various State Veteran’s Hospitals to be used for little extras for the patients.  At Christmas time, the organization sent cards and a small gift of money to the names of the service members they received.

In 1984-1985 the officers were as follows: President – Phyllis Brown; Vice President, Gayle Cole; Financial Secretary, Margaret Creger; Secretary, Helen Stine; Treasurer, Mary Jarvis.

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