Post Office Held Up – November 19, 1953

On Thursday November 19, 1953, the Almont Post Office was robbed! Robber made off with $1.50.

Just before noon, Lloyd McCarthy of Detroit walked into the Almont Post Office, approached the counter and asked the clerk behind the counter, Herb Hoffman, “What would you do if you were held up?  Herb’s response was that, “I’d probably call the police.”

Mr. McCarthy replied, “This is a hold up.”  He pointed an imaginary gun in his coat pocket at Mr. Hoffman.  As Mr. Hoffman opened the cash drawer, he told the robber, “At this time of the morning we don’t have much money on hand”.  Mr. Hoffman handed him three half-dollars – $1.50!

Mr. McCarthy said, “I’ll take them.”  He then asked, “This is a Federal offense, isn’t it?”  Herb replied, “It sure is”.  Mr. McCarthy replied, “Then call the police”.  He then left the Post Office.

Don Hayes, who was in the back of the Post Office while this was going, had already called the State Police and gave them a description of the man.

When the State Police arrived in town, they found Mr. McCarthy standing on the corner of Stone and Main Streets in front of the Almont Theater with his hands raised above his head.  Detective McConnell and Trooper Gray took him to jail in Lapeer.

Mr. McCarthy had been in and out of several state mental hospitals.  Only the day before, he had evaded people trying to take him to the Pontiac Hospital.  He had said, “I want no part of the hospitals.  I would rather go to jail”.

Two men from Brown City were trying to take Mr. McCarthy to his sister’s in Detroit.  When they stopped in Almont, Mr. McCarthy got out of the car and staged the hold-up to keep from going to a mental institution.

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