Society Day of the Month – January 2018

On January 20, 1835, the first post office for “Bristol Township” was established.  The post office was in Dr. Caleb Carpenter’s home.

Dr. Caleb Carpenter settled in what would become the village of “Newburgh” and established his medical practice.

Dr. Carpenter established the first mail service to the township by going by horseback once a week to Royal Oak.  He would then bring back the mail and residents would either go to his home/office to pick up their letters or he would deliver them when he made his rounds. The roads and weather often made it extremely difficult to get to and from Royal Oak, so the service was not regular.  Most people did not mind the delays.  They were glad to have the service even if it was once a week or so.  The cost of a letter was two shillings or about 20 cents apiece, which the receiver – not the sender – paid.

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