Township Organized and Named – March 7, 1834

The territory established the original township on March 7, 1834.  The boundaries of that township included the present townships of Almont, Imlay and the southern portion of Goodland Township.  Imlay Township was separated from Almont Township in 1850 and Goodland was formed in 1855 from the northern part of Imlay Township and other areas north of Imlay City.

At that time, Lapeer County had a larger area and included part of the current Genesee County.  Technically, Almont was the second township to be organized in Lapeer County.  Grand Blanc Township was organized on March 9, 1833.  Of the current Lapeer County townships, Almont was the first to be organized.

At the organizational meeting, the name “Mia” was suggested by Elisha Webster in honor of his infant daughter who had been born the year before.  This name was approved by the thirteen voters present at the meeting.  All historical records that I have been able to view show the name as being spelled “Mia” but Mr. Webster’s daughter spelled her name “Mya”.

AUTHOR’S NOTEThe name of the township was changed on December 12, 1834 to Bristol after the first supervisor of the township, Oliver Bristol.  It is obvious that some sort of disagreement occurred among the few people living here which led to the change of the township’s name.  Could the difference in the spelling of Mya’s name been one of the reasons for the change?

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