West St. Clair National Historic District

123 West St. Clair – Dr. Burley’s Home – Built about 1900

Also on the property are two other structures; a cut-stone single story garage and a board and batten shed.

The home was still in the Burley family when the Historic District was created in 1986. 

Dr. Burley came to Almont in 1893 and was still practicing medicine in the late 1950’s.

206 West St. Clair – The front parlor of this home was used as the depot once the D. U. R. was extended to Imlay City – 1915 to 1925.210 West St. Clair – Dr. Oliver P. Strobridge came to Almont in 1845 and was only the third physician to set up practice in Almont. About 1859, he built a one and one half story Greek Revival home.  Dr. Strobridge’s son-in-law, William Armstrong made major additions to the home in the 1880’s. The renovations added the second and third levels to the home, the west wing, and the large single-paned windows with leaded glass.  William Hammond added the beautiful cut-stone porch about 1911.

306 West St. Clair – In his early seventies, in 1895, Charles Ferguson, chose to build a home that would “dispense a most gracious hospitality”, which resulted in this fine example of Queen Anne architecture.

314 West St. Clair – Built in 1871 by John Harris – known as Terrace Place.  It is typical of the Italian Villa style.

322 West St. Clair – This was the home that the Dennison Hazen family lived in until the “big house” at 314 West St. Clair Street was built.  Hazen’s grandson, J. Floyd Harris lived at the home until his death in 1942.

328 West St. Clair – Mary J. Wales and Nancy M. Ellsworth built this home in 1917

325 West St. Clair – Built in the 1850’s

315 West St. Clair – Uriel Townsend House built in 1865.  One year after his arrival, Townsend purchased a house he later substantially embellished the original structure.  The result was a delightful blend of styles in this district residence. 

311 West St. Clair – David Cochrane House built in 1883.  David Cochrane, born in Almont in 1848, who was a successful Almont merchant, built this example of Italian Villa style.

303 West St. Clair – Old Methodist Episcopal Church Parsonage built in 1867.  This home is what remains of the Methodist Episcopal Church Society.  The Methodist Church was organized in 1834 and was the first church constructed in the village. 

213 West St. Clair – Almont District Library Henry Stephens Memorial Library – Built 1918

211 West St. Clair – Built about 1861, this one and two-story upright and wing Greek Revival home is again an example of many of the styles in the community with broken pediment entablature.

Burley Park – In 1925, the Detroit Urban Railway ceased operations and the tracks were removed in 1929.  Dr. Burley, who lived across the street and died at the age of 95 in 1959, convinced the DUR to donate the land to the village to be used as a park.

Old Town Hall – Built in 1884 – This red brick structure was an example of Italianate architecture with arch windows and keystones.  It was torn down in 1987.

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